Junior Leaders

... from Ghosaldangha and Bishnubati

After the year 2013 a new, younger generation from Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati has cooperated to represent more strongly the views of the younger villagers - the youth and young adults - in village development work.

Ramjit Mardi

Ramjit Mardi, who was born on 6th February 1986 in Bishnubati, is the coordinator of the "junior leaders". At present he is employed by the Government of West Bengal (SHG & SE Supervisor). He holds a Bachelor degree in physical education, which he was awarded at the Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan in 2006.

His role in the village development work is that of the secretary of the Bishnubati Adibasi Marshal Sangha; he is a member of the Council Committee and tutor to the high school students at the Vocational Training Centre in Bishnubati. His hobbies are reading, acting in Santal theatre plays, photography, videography and travelling.

Gobinda Baski

Gobinda Baski was born on 15th January 1987 in Ashadullapur, a neighbouring village of Bishnubati and Ghosaldanga. He completed his educational career by passing the Higher Secondary School leaving exam.

He is an associate of the Bishnubati Adibasi Marshal Sangha und works for the villages as a tutor in the Coaching Centre in Bishnubati. In addition, he is the coordinator of the evening school (EEC). His hobbies are football, cricket, mystery stories, travelling and playing the flute.



Dasarath Murmu

Dasarath Murmu was born in Ghosaldanga on 24th March, 1989. He is in the third year of his Bachelor studies (English).

His role in village development work is that of a tutor at the Coaching Centre in Ghosaldanga, where he teaches the schoolchildren of years 5 - 10 in the morning and evening school. He is a member of the Council Committee. His hobbies are reading and travelling. 

Mono Murmu

Mono Murmu, born 6th January 1980, lives with his parents in Ghosaldanga. In the village school he first attended elementary school and then did his O-level at the Bandnabagram Gandhi Vidyapith High Shool, followed by his Higher Secondary school leaving exams at the High School in Bolpur. He has a B.A. in History from the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Open University.

Since 2002 he has taught part-time at the Santal elementary school RSV. In addition to being a member of the Junior Leaders he is a supervisor at the evening school. His hobbies are listening to music, football, acting and travelling.

Uttam Baski

Uttam Baski was born on 22nd May 1984. He has a Higher Secondary qualification. For the past three years he has taught part-time in the Santal elementary school RSV. He continues to live in Bishnubati, which is only 2 km from the RSV. Uttam cycles to work every day.

At present he teaches primarily in year one; his subjects are Bengali, maths, science and storytelling. Uttam enjoys working with children, especially when he is reading stories to them or playing with them.

Lakhiram Tudu

Lakhiram Tudu was born on 2nd January 1974. His father is Basu Tudu. He lives and works in Ghosaldanga. He left school after year 11.

In the village development scheme he is employed as a social worker with the Ghoshaldanga Adibasi Seva Sangha, in which context he supervises finances, works as a teacher in the evening school and is responsible for taking care of the guests and volunteers in Ghosaldanga. His hobbies are playing musical instruments, acting and travelling.