Organization and Management


Development work in the two villages is run by two organizations which are registered according to Indian law: the Ghosaldanga Adibasi Seva Sangha (GASS) and the Bishnubati Adibasi Marshal Sangha (BAMS).

The two Sanghas cooperate closely. They employ roughly 25 full-time and part-time staff, both men and women. A Sangha team has been organized to conduct and coordinate the practicalities of day-to-day work.

Managing Committees
Each of the two Sanghas is equipped with a "managing committee" comprised of nine villagers. The members meet whenever essential plans are to be discussed and decided upon.

Sangha Council
A Sangha council was formed to support the managing committees. The work of the council includes not only the planning and coordination of practical daily tasks, but also the discussion of and preparation for decisions concerning future projects of GASS, BAMS and RSV. The members of the council are recruited from those taking part in both Sanghas who particularly wish to engage in the work of village development and who possess the necessary standard of education and leadership potential to do so.

Senior Leaders und Junior Leaders
The Sangha council is at present strongly dominated by a generation of villagers who were the first in both villages to enjoy a school education, who have up to now had a substantial influence on village development and who have established themselves as senior leaders in the controlling bodies. However, younger members are being encouraged and trained - as junior leaders - to take on leadership tasks and assume responsibility.


For the across-the-board supervision of development projects and for the safeguard of funding the Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust (GBAT) was founded in Kolkata in 2002. The Trust has the right, by Indian law, to receive financial contributions from donors in foreign countries. Donations to the Trust are tax-free.

All money transfers within India and from abroad are transmitted via the Trust, which then distributes the funds to the two Sanghas as well as to the larger projects. This means that the Trust guarantees transparency and partnership cooperation between India and Germany.

Board of Trustees
The highest supervisory and decision-making body of the GBAT is the Board of Trustees consisting of seven members. Four of the trustees are senior managers of the two Sanghas. Three trustees are external members, two from Kolkata and one from Santiniketan.