The hostel

Coaching Centres
From the end of year 4 at the RSV Elementary School the children attend state schools. In order to provide assistance for their studies there are Coaching Centres at which they can improve their learning under pedagogical guidance during the morning and the evening.

These centres are necessary to help Santali children to graduate successfully from state schools. The classes at these schools are very large, sometimes with 60 or more pupils, so the teachers have no possibility give individual pupils their full and personal attention. In addition to this, the curriculum, the teaching methods and schoolbooks are tailored to the needs of town children who speak Bengali.

Why is there a need for a hostel?
In spite of the extra tuition at the tuition centres, children who go from the private Santal elementary school to a state school at end of year 4 often fail to make the grade. This means they will not be able to graduate. Many of these children come from problematic backgrounds such as one-parent-families, or families in which there is illness or alcohol abuse. These children frequently drop out of school.

For the committed teachers at the RSV it was painful to observe that even children who had successfully completed their education at the elementary school, failed at secondary level and subsequently dropped out of school. Thus the idea of a hostel was born, which was opened at the beginning of August 2008 in the grounds of the RSV.

The need for an extension of the hostel
Primarily, eleven children between 11 and 15 years of age were admitted to the hostel. All these children attended the state secondary school successfully. At the hostel they were cared for, and two teachers supported them in their academic work. In addition to school attendance and homework supervision the daily programme also includes practical work, sport, games and artistic activities.

The choice of girls and boys for the few hostel places was not easy, and the demand still far exceeds the offer of placements. Over the middle term the hostel and its infrastructure are to be extended to allow places for up to 35 schoolgirls and boys.

The parents of the children given a hostel place are unfortunately in no position to meet the costs of their stay there. For this reason our association offers grants and also advertises for sponsors to finance a grant with which the placing of a schoolchild in the hostel can be funded.