Santal Museum

In 2008 the "Museum of Santal Culture" was opened in Bishnubati. As far as we know it is unique in that is the only Santal museum of its kind in the world. The equipment of the museum was supported technically and financially by the Indian Museum in Kolkata.

Keeping up traditions
Exhibits and pictures give an insight into the traditional village life and rich culture of the Santal people. The pieces shown include traditional clothing and jewellery, musical instruments such as flutes and drums, and hunting gear. These artifacts are complemented and enhanced by pictures of village life and festivals. Life-sized sculptures have been erected in the gardens of the museum.

The idea behind the museum is to gain the Santals' interest in and extend their awareness of their own culture with a view to preserving it for future generations.

Museum Exhibits
With the support of the "Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation" in Amsterdam, a detailed catalogue on the Santal cultural items was developed.

You will find below a selection of pictures of exhibits in the museum.



Sculpture Garden

flute player
Santal woman

Museum Exhibits

Santals in traditional clothing
hunting implements
musical instruments
traditional village