Monthly Report May 2024

By: Boro Baski
23.06.2024 News

The heat wave had continued this month as well. The highest temperature of the month was recorded in Delhi 52.9 degree Celsius. RSV School had given two weeks summer holidays to the students. Other activities of the organization, however, continued as usual. Here are some major activities of the month.   

Rotary Club of Bolpur Rangamati donated three sewing machines to RSV school to initiate the training program for the unemployed youth of the area.



Students and teachers of Bishnubati cleaned the tank of the VTC campus for the fishery project to be initiated from next month before the monsoon.

nine players of ‘Kick for Help’ gave trials in two big football clubs in Kolkata- The Eastern Railway football club and the Food Corporation of India.


Managing Committee of Ghosaldanga Adibasi Seva Sangha held their monthly meeting at the Prantik house.