Monthly Report March 2024

By: Boro Baski
12.04.2024 News

Besides the regular activities of the organization of education, health care, the museum of Santal culture, bio-farming, and kick-for-help football coaching, several programs were organized this month. They are as follows:

1) An interactive session was held between the teachers of the organization and Prof. Tone Bleie, University of Tromso, at RSV School on preserving Santal Culture and Heritage and connecting with mainstream education. Prof. Bleie is an anthropologist and has done extensive work on the shared cultural heritage of Scandinavian-Santal relations for three decades in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. She was one of the organizers of the Bodding Symposium 2015 in Oslo, of which our Museum of Santal Culture was an indigenous partner. 



2) The 35th Adibasi Baha Parab 2024 festival was celebrated at the Ghosaldanga football ground with great enthusiasm. Besides organizing various adivasi sports events, eight cultural teams (of males and female) presented their dance forms. This year, the Baha Award 2024 was conferred on Prof. Onkar Prasad, a well-known anthropologist at Visva-Bharati University who has worked on several unexplored areas of Santal life and tradition, such as Santal music, Santal perception of numbers, time, and sound, Bongas (spirits) in Santal thoughts, and so on. Dr. Dukhia Murmu, teacher in charge of the Santali department, Visva-Bharati, was the chief guest of the festival.



3) A one-day awareness program on child marriage and community health was organized at Bishnubati by the Kolkata-based organization headed by Ms. Depkolpa Das. About 50 women participated in the program.


4) A parent-teacher meeting was held at RSV.

5) Kick for Help football teams played two matches against Supur Ramchandrapur club and Uttar Shihala. Seven footballers gave a trial in the under-17 age category at Bolpur Town Club Ground for selection in the Birbhum district under-17 football team. Among them, Akash Murmu was selected.

6) The museum cultural team of Bishnubati performed/presented the play ‘Social Media’ at the annual day program at Suchana school at Khanjanpur.