Monthly Report January 2024

By: Boro Baski
16.02.2024 News

January is the month of festivals for Santals. The biggest festival of Santal 'Sorhai' falls in the second week of the month. Besides that, half a dozen local faires are also held within a radius of a few kilometers of our villages. Some of these are well-known in the state, such as Poush Mela at Santiniketan, Magh Mela at Sriniketan and Joydev Mela. Since the annual examinations in schools are over by December, the pressure of studies is also less this month. Hence, everybody is in a festive mood.




The life and activities of our organization, however, continued. Apart from the two-week holidays for RSV school and other educational coaching centres for the Sorhai, the rest of the days were normal working days. The students' bio-farms, Kick for Help football coaching, continued regularly. The collaborators and visitors also visited the school and the museum. The Inner Wheel Club of Santiniketan who has been supporting the students with warm clothes since the last few years also visited the school. The students’ picnic and teachers’ training program also have been conducted.