Monthly Report December 2023

By: Boro Baski
11.01.2024 News

In December, apart from the regular activities of the organization, two major programs were organized. (1) The annual celebration of the Museum Day program at Bishnubati on December 9 and (2) The visit of 45 Santal and Paharia teachers from Satia and Kodma schools of Santal parganas.

In both the programs, the students, teachers, and villagers have actively participated to make the program successful. The museum items, building, garden, and campus were cleaned by the teachers and students of Bishnubati and a cultural program was held in the evening. 

The major attraction of the 9th December program was the installation of ‘Dheki’, the traditional rice husking tool. Santals have been using this wooden tool for centuries. After the introduction of modern machines, these tools are on the verge of dying/extinction. However, its need has never ended. Poor families with lesser production of paddy use such tools for powdering their wheat, rice, tamarind seeds, mohua, etc. There had been not a single tool in the surrounding villages; now they have one.



The program of teachers’ visit was coordinated by the teachers of the organization headed by Anil Hembrom. In their two-day stay, the teachers visited and saw most of the activities, which included RSV school, hostel, bio-farm, evening school, Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, and the museum. On the last day, they also went to see the Rabindra Museum at Santiniketan.


Three girls from Kick for Help have been selected in the under 14 inter district girls’ football team.