Monthly Report, July 2023

By: Boro Baski
11.08.2023 News

1.      RSV School: The educational programs at the RSV campus went well. On July 15, the students were shown the launching of the Chandrayan-3 moon mission on a laptop. A discussion was also held explaining about the moon, orbit, universe and importance of launching the satellite. A Bohurupi show was performed for the students, which they enjoyed immensely. The literal meaning of Bopurupi is to imitate different kinds of forms that make a man of special character.A mini sprinkler irrigation system is installed at the RSV bio-farm. The system is donated to the school by the Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal.


1.     Bishnubati: The museum promoting team of Bishnubati has performed their first performance in front of the university students and their professors from Kolkata. Prof. Suranjan Mirdha was the leader of that group.    

1.     Kick for Help: The football coaching of Kick for Help went on regularly. The senior boys’ team played a friendly match with the Shantiniketan Adivasi team on July 15 at the Ghosaldanga football ground.


1.     Teachers’ Training: This month’s teachers’ training was held on June 16 and 29. The first topic of discussion was ‘The Educational Ideas of Rabindranath Tagore with Reference to Adivasi Children." The resource persons were Prof. Kumkum Bhattacharya and Dr. Subhas Mukherjee. The second topic was ‘the importance of observation in learning science by Prof. Rahi Soren and Dr. Shantanu Majhi from Jadavpur University.


1.     Bio-farm: The hostel students and the teacher Pintu Ghosh, have planted various types of vegetables this month, which include bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, lady finger, papaya, Malabar spinach, water spinach and cucumber.


1.      Vocational Training: Ananda Murmu from Ghosaldanga has joined the Dipto Diagnostic Centre, Kolkata, as a Logistician and Laboratory assistant.