Monthly Report June 2023

By: Boro Baski
14.07.2023 News

Besides continuing regular programmes such as education, health care, and the museum, the following important events were organised this month:

1. Celebration of Santal Hul: Every year, Santals throughout the country remember Santal Hul, also known as the Santal Revolution (1855–56) in the history of India. Two brothers, Sidhu Murmu and Kanu Murmu, revolted against the exploitation of landlords and money lenders under the patronage of British rule. Students and teachers of Ghosaldanga, Bishunbati, and RSV schools celebrated the occasion in their respective places. At Bishunbati, a Santal play based on the Santal revolution was staged in the village, where all the villagers watched and appreciated the play. At Ghosaldanga, the event was remembered through the discussion on the Hul, and at RSV, the history of the event was depicted through paintings and songs.



2. Film show by Ayash An Effort: The Kolkata based organisation the Ayash An Effort showed documentary and children films to the students and parents in three different villages this month in collaboration of our organisation. The villages are Bandlodanga, Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati. This is part of a yearlong film show series that the organisation has started last month.



3. Kick for Help: The Kick for Help boy’s team played a friendly match with Shantiniketan Tribal Academy on 11th June at Ghosaldanga football ground.



4. Teachers’ Training: This month’s teachers’ training was held on June 20. The topic was ‘Identification of the problems Santal children face in primary and secondary schools. The resource persons were Gokul Hansda (a government primary school teacher) and Sibu Soren (a government high school teacher).



5. Bio-farm: Monotosh Gas, who is in charge of the bio-farm at RSV, has been on medical leave since last month. Pintu Ghosh, who is the teacher of the hostel students and in charge of the students’ bio-farm, is taking care of the garden in his absence. He has planted several monsoon vegetables with the students.



6. Vocational Training: Rupchand Hansda from Bishnubati has completed his Diploma in Radiology from Burdwan Medical College and Hospital in May, and this month he has joined his first job as a Radiographer in Ramkrishna Medical Centre and Health Point at Bolpur. Ranjan Murmu and Pardip Tudu from Ghosaldanga have joined the Dipto Diagnostic Centre, Kolkata, as logisticians and Laboratory assistant, respectively.