Monthly Report May 2023

By: Boro Baski
20.06.2023 News

The summer heat wave began from the first week of May. All the schools and colleges were declared early summer vacation and after one month of vacation 15 more days were extended considering the continuous extreme heat. Since most of our educational centers run in the morning or in the evening except the RSV school no center was given summer holidays. Other activities such as health center, bio farm, kick for help and the museum all went on without break.

Some major activities are discussed below.

1. Celebration of Rabindranath Tagore's birth anniversary at Indian Museum, Kolkata

A cultural team from the museum of santal culture was invited to take part in Togore's birth anniversary program at the Indian museum, Kolkata. They presented a Tagore’s song in Santali and a marriage dance with the rhythm of his popular song 'poush toder dak diyeche’. The governor of West Bengal was the chief guest of the program.

2. Parents-teachers' meeting at RSV- A parents-teachers’ meeting was held to discuss where the hostel students will stay during the school holidays. All the parents suggested that it would be good for the students if they stay in the hostel because during holidays most of the students do not study at home.  In the hostel they would continue with their regular studies and remain busy with various creative activities.

3. Mango cultivation at RSV is satisfactory this year so is the summer crop. Though thunderstorms spoiled plenty of raw mangoes in the beginning but whatever remained was good production.

4. The first meeting of the two years Teachers' training program was held on 30th May. Every month one to two workshops will be held on different topics related to problems Santal students face in mainstream schools and methods to address the issues.

5. The artwork in the classroom walls of RSV has been completed.