Monthly Report April 2023

By: Boro Baski
15.05.2023 News

Besides the continuation of regular activities such education, nutrition, health care, bio-farm, Museum of Santal culture, Vocational training programs and Kick for Help, two major programmes were held this month. They are  

Shishu Mela (Children’s fair)

Due to language difference and lack of confidence Santals often get cheated in shops and markets. To develop self-confidence and communication skill of the children from the beginning we started the ‘Children’s fair’ programme at Bishnubati in 2008. We organize this event on 9th April every year. This is also the date when Martin da first arrived in India in 1973. Incidentally this year Martin da’s arrival to India completes 50 years.

In this annual event students put up their shops and sell various food items to the villagers. The item includes mixture, cucumber, ghugni, chop, brinjal fry, puffed rice etc. Besides the food stalls they also put up different types of games such ‘light the candles, ring- the- ball, suntu-gutuch, guess the weight etc.  In the evening the children organize cultural programmes and perform Santali plays. The teachers guide them arranging the shops and teach them how to handle money.

Painting of RSV classroom walls

This month all the outer walls of the class rooms are painted with colorful pictures. The pictures depicted on the walls are related to the subjects children learn in the books, such as, letters, numbers, trees, animals, fruits, plants, hill, mountain, water body and so on.