Monthly Report, January 2023

By: Boro Baski
14.02.2023 News

Sorhae, the largest cultural festival of Santals was celebrated in the second week of the month. The educational centers of all the villages were in holidays for ten days. Apart from the holidays the  regular activities of the organization, the education, health care, bio-farming, youth empowerment programs and Kick for Help football training continued. Some major activities are given.

1. Eleven students from RSV school have graduated this year and have taken admission in various government schools of the district.

2. Silver Jubilee Celebration of RSV School cum RSV Ex-students’ Reunion Meet will be on 26th February 2023. The preparation is in progress. Some of the important items of the celebration are students’ art exhibition, Science teaching materials and Herbarium exhibition, cultural programmes and football friendly matches of Boys’ and Girls’ team.

3. A vaccination camp was conducted at RSV school by the health workers of the local government hospital.

4. A paper making workshop with straw was conducted with the RSV students by Sanyasi Lohar and his artist friend from Santiniketan.

5. ‘Kick for Help’ Boys’ and Girls’ team participated in Bolpur Athletic Meet 2023 at Bandhgora High School, Bolpur.