Monthly Report December 2022

By: Boro Baski
10.01.2023 News

The regular activities of the organization, the education, health care, bio-farming, youth empowerment programs and Kick for Help football training went on well this month. Besides these regular programmes, the organization had conducted four major programmes.

1. Museum Day Celebration:

Like every year this year also Museum Day was celebrated on 9th December at the Museum campus at Bishnubati. The theme of the celebration was ‘Santal Food.' More than 25 Santal traditional food items  were prepared by the villagers of Bishnubati and sold in 12 different stalls. Apart from exhibiting  and selling food items, an interaction session on Santal food  was also organized at RSV school in which several experts from different parts of West Bengal and Jharkhand shared their experiences and knowledge on Santal food. Hundreds of people including the college and university  students of Visva-bharati university; Subhas Chandra Bose Centenary College, Murshidabad; National Institute of Technology, Durgapur took part.  Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Kolkata was the main collaborator of the celebration this year.

2. RSV Picnic:

This year two hundred students and teachers took part in the annual picnic of the organization at Amkhoi Fossil Park. Amkhoi Park is famous for fossils of millions of years. The park is managed by the local Santal community who has been living in the forest for centuries. It is situated in the Illam Bazar forest. Every student contributed Rs. 20/ and 250 grams of rice and the teachers contributed Rs. 50/ each for the picnic. Everybody enjoyed the day seeing the fossils and roaming the forest. The food too was very good.


3. Workshop on Herbarium:

The second phase of the workshop on herbarium was held this month. Prof. Rahi Soren from Jadavpur University, Kolkata conducted the workshop along with her two colleagues. The high school students of  RSV hostel guided by a senior teacher participated. The production of the workshop will be exhibited at the RSV re-union day celebration next month.

4. Boro Baski and Team from Bishnubati gave a presentation on Santal Food and their traditions and transition of food habits to present generation at AMI Arts Festival in Kolkata.