Monthly Report, November 2022

By: Boro Baski
15.12.2022 News

Month of November is a busy month for the villagers as well as for the students. Villagers remain busy harvesting their paddy in the fields. Many/Some of them also begin to prepare the fields for sowing mustard and vegetables soon after harvesting. This month is also the time for annual examinations in the schools which continues till December. The new academic year begins from January every year. As the New Year approaches our organization also hurries to complete the  projects of the year. A Detailed report follows.


Besides the regular teaching–learning programmes in the village, a parents’ meeting was organized by two government health workers of Bishnubati Rani Baski and Putul Hansda. They discussed the common health problems that arise during winter and how to handle them.

The traditional village festival ‘Janthar’ (harvesting of the first rice crop in the field) was celebrated in the village. The ceremony is to thank the spirit(s) for the good crop. Every family contributes Rs. 100/. A pig and a sheep are sacrificed at the place called ‘Kali than’ situated at the end of the village. After the ceremony the sheep meat is distributed among the families and the pork meat is cooked and eaten by those present at the spot.

15 students from RSV had gone to attend a cultural programme organized by the local organization of Metekona village situated 10 kilometers away from Bishnibati.


The students have begun to prepare their flower garden at the Prantik house.

RSV School

Besides the regular classes RSV students had gone to see the exhibition of an artist from Mumbai who exhibited art on modern architectural design. The exhibition was held in the Arthshila Art Gallery at Santiniketan.

As the winter approaches scabies and other skin related problems are seen among the children. It is mainly due to cold weather when children do not take bath and clean their bodies regularly. The parents who remain mostly in the fields during this time cannot take care of their health.  Neem water bath is given to students at RSV. A special discussion on parents’ responsibilities to address issues also was conducted in a parents’ meeting with the local health workers.

On the occasion of Children’s Day the members of the Inner Wheel Club of Santiniketan had come and donated clothes to the children. Sports and cultural events were organized on the occasion.

As the winter approaches the students prepare flower beds and this year they have taken a bigger area and have put nets around them.  Flowers and vegetables will grow together in the plot.

Hostel and Students’ bio farm

As the new vegetables and flowers begin to grow in the surroundings of the school, the buzzing sounds are heard in the garden too. The students take extra care of the bee boxes during this time as the movements of bees become very frequent.