Monthly Report September 2022

By: Boro Baski
11.10.2022 News

The month of September is the lean season of the year. The agricultural fields are filled with paddy and the cultivation of vegetables has occupied the empty places that are available near the water bodies and ravines. Men go to clear their fields of the parasitic plants during the first half of the day and their second half remains busy looking after domestic animals. Women collect snails, vegetables and firewood from the field in the morning and after that, they sit to stitch their brooms and mattress with wild grasses and palm leaves.

From the second half of the month the Santals get busy for the preparation of their Dasae festival and Hindus for their annual festival,  Durga Puja,  to be held on the first week of October.

The activities of the organization continued as usual.



Besides the regular educational programmes, three important events were held at Bishnubati. Ms. Debkolpa Das, a theatre person had conducted a workshop for the women on how a theatre could play a role in educating the community. Advocate Abhijit Datta from Kolkata also talked about various laws and provisions of mother and child rights and new laws to stop child marriage. He also answered various questions related to women’s land rights and domestic violence.

A village meeting was held to discuss on how much money a family would contribute to cultivate fish this year in the community pond, Bachpukur. A team was also formed to look after the day to day development of the pond.

A three member team from Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Kolkata, came to visit the museum and conducted a thorough study of its items. After three days of stay the team presented a status report in front of the members. The report will be used for the future course of action on museum development.     



This month on 19th September Ghosaldanga celebrated its foundation day in the village. Shenhadri Sekhar Chakraborty, who is one of the oldest supporters of the village work has been felicitated with a Panchi, a traditional towel of Santals. The students of the village performed cultural programme for the occasion. 




RSV School

The educational programme, nutrition feeding and other activities of the school went on normally this month.

Bratachari (physical and mental exercise) class that was initiated by a teacher from Bolpur, is now being continued by the students and teachers themselves.



Hostel coaching and Students’ Bio farm

The educational programme, nutrition feeding and other activities of the school went on normally this month.

Vocational training and  youth empowerment

Ram Tudu from Bishnubati participated in the training camp of the Aapda Mitra Volunteers (Voluntary work during emergency situation) conducted by the District Disaster Management of Birbhum district.      


Kick for Help

The Girls’ teams have played a friendly match on behalf of Bandhnabagram High school with Bahiri High school in their home ground. The Girls’ team also participated in the Block level under-17years trial match at Bolpur.