Monthly Report July 2022

By: Boro Baski
10.08.2022 News

At last the monsoon clouds arrived in our area in the last week of the month. But the rain was too less to begin the full-fledged cultivation of rice. Due to shortage of monsoon water, small scale farmers started buying water from the big farmers who have submersibles. Cultivation of rice with purchased water is too expensive for the marginal farmers but they have no choice, Cultivation of rice helps them to carry on their agricultural way of life. Rice  is not only the staple food of  the people but also provides them many rice products  like puffed  rice, pithe, khichuri and an important ingredient for making rice beer. Straws are needed as fodder for cows, for repairing thatch roof, making rope etc. Therefore, skipping rice cultivation will affect the life cycle of a family.   

Since most of our teachers and students participate in rice cultivation with their family members, the educational centres remain closed for a week for cultivation. But, this year due to insufficient monsoon water and pro-long holidays due to Covid most of the centres preferred not to give official monsoon holidays but if anybody needed to take a leave, they could.  



The regular activities such as educational coaching for junior and senior classes, music, gardening and cleaning programmes continued well at Bishnubati. The museum also received several visitors this month. The managing Committee meeting was held after two months and several important issues were discussed related to family contribution for the organization, fishery pond and upcoming programme on 15th August. An awareness programme on Child marriage and alcoholism was organized in the village by the officer of the local police station Panuri.





A new concrete gate was installed at the entrance of Prantik campus. The students also extended their helping hand by carrying bricks and stones for making the pillars for the gate. The students of the Department of Social Work organized a workshop on the problems of adolescents. An awareness rally was also taken out on the village roads after the workshop.     



RSV School


Beside the continuation of regular classes, sports, art and music activities, nutritious food was provided to the students six days a week. Mr. Jitendranath Ghosh, physical trainer from Bolpur town started Brotochari (practicing austerity) education for the students. He will conduct this course voluntarily once a week.  



Kick for Help


The Boys’ and Girls’ teams have played two friendly matches each this month in Makrampur and Bidyadharpur. In all the matches the teams were the winners.