Monthly Report, February 2022

By: Boro Baski
15.03.2022 News

As per government’s order all schools and colleges of the state have re-opened after two years of closure due to Covid 19 pandemic.  Our RSV primary school and the hostel too have re-opened and resumed their classes and activities. Other centers like evening schools, bio-farm, Kick for Help sport activity, health and Museum that were running with less participants also begun in full-fledge. The organization distributed 40 sets of clothes to the teenage girls in 10 different villages around Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati. The clothes were donated to the organization by Mrs. Mary Ann Dasgupta of Sharehouse Charitable Foundation, Kolkata    


The regular activities of Bishnubati such as morning and evening coaching classes, cleaning and gardening, music classes went on normally. The senior students have begun the rehearsal of the play ‘Lalu’. The script was written by Rupchand Hansda and Ram Tudu based on the story written by Martin da. The play will be staged on 9th April at Bishnubati. The pond in the museum campus has been freshly filled with water for the fish cultivation.   

RSV School

The RSV school has resumed its classes with regular activities of cleaning the campus, music, sports and mid-day meal.  Before resuming all the classes a parent-teacher meeting was called where all the parents gave their consent to re-open the school.

Kick for Help

Football coaching courses continued regularly for both boys and girls. Two matches were played this month. One was a friendly match at Kankalitole on the occasion of Adibasi Mela organized by Kankali Panchayet. Another was a tournament at Keodoha village. 

Youth Hostel and Student´s farming

The high school coaching center has continued regularly. Since the students have returned to the hostel, the gardening, sports and evening classes also have begun. Pintu Ghosh came regularly to guide the students in the morning and evening.