Monthly report, January 2022

By: Boro Baski
10.02.2022 News

The rice production in our area was very good in this season. Though there was abnormal rain for three to four days which caused excessive cold but that could not destroy the crops. Thus, the festivals that followed after rice harvesting such as Sorhae of Santals and Nabanna of Hindus were celebrated peacefully. Due to the increase of Omicron cases in the country a month-long ‘lockdown’ was declared in the state. The schools also were shut after reopening for a few days. The good news is from 3rd February the government has announced that the school will open again. Ten days holidays were given to all the centres of the organization for Sorhae festival.  


Despite the lockdown the regular activities such as morning and evening coaching centres, cleaning and gardening, music classes went on normally at Bishnubati maintaining Covid guidelines.  The museum team of the organization also conducted three days of song and music rehearsal with the villagers and recorded the Banam music in a studio at Bolpur. Three musicians also came from other districts to participate in the recording. This music recording was the follow up programme of the Banam workshop held in 2018 in collaboration with the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. The recorded Banam music and videos will be showcased in the Santal collection of the museum. Boro Baski had participated in the online talk session on the ‘Importance of Capacity Building in Museum Management’ organized by Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Kolkata. 


The regular activities of coaching classes, cleaning, gardening and health care programmes continued as usual. Republic Day of the country was celebrated at the Prantik by the teachers and students of the village.


RSV school

The school re-opened with limited number of students for a few days but was closed again due to state lockdown. The teachers having important duties however continued to come to the school in the morning and evening. The out stationed musicians who had come for banam music recording at Bishnubati stayed at RSV hostel.


Kick for Help

Football coaching courses continued regularly both for boys and girls. Some part of the playground was leveled by putting soil over the low land area where the rain water accumulated.    

Hostel Coaching and Students farming

Barring the holiday days the coaching center continued regularly. The vegetable production in the campus was very good. Two senior students were in the hostel to look after the garden during the holidays.