Monthly Report of October 2021

By: Boro Baski
19.11.2021 News

Dasae, one of the important festivals of Santals, is celebrated almost at the same time with the Durga puja, the biggest festival of the Hindus. Like every year this year too, the Dasae team of Bishnubati visited different families of the surrounding villages in remembrance of their lost warriors through dancing and singing.

Link of Dasae-Tanz and a link with a write up on Dasae.

Rice cultivation has been good this year. The villagers are carrying on their normal activities. Although the Covid restrictions in the state have not yet eased, the local trains and buses have resumed in limited numbers.

The Government has announced the reopening of educational institutions from 16th November 2021. Due to Puja and Dasae the educational activities of the organization were suspended for ten days.

The regular activities such as the primary and high school coaching centres in the village went on regularly before the puja vacation. Besides teaching and learning, the extra-curricular activities such as dance and music, gardening and cleaning the campus and taking care of the museum were carried on regularly by the teachers and students.

A one day football competition was organized at the museum ground of the village by the youth of the village. 32 football teams participated and the prizes were two pigs- given to the two winning teams and 20 kgs of chicken to the two runners up teams.


The fish cultivation cultivated by the senior students in the pond of the campus has been good.


'Gandhi Jayanti' (Birthday of M.K Gandhi) was  celebrated by planting sapling at the road side of VTC (Vocational Training Centre).


The regular activities of coaching classes, cleaning, gardening and health care programmes continued as usual.

The villagers of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, Bautijol, Ashadullapur had gone to the officer in-charge of Panuri police station asking him to speed up the legal action against the persons who had physically attacked Lakhwa Hembrom, a person from Ghosaldanga by four drunkard men from neighboring village Kasba without any reason.

   at the Panuri Police station

RSV school:
The school has not re-opened yet. But from this month two classes were called to the school for the teaching-learning on alternate days.  Music lessons, sports, cleanliness and nutritional food have been provided to the students regularly.


Mr. Snehasis Mukherjee, a social worker from Kolkata stayed at RSV for two days to get the educational ideas of the organization for his research work.


Material support of rice, dry milk, cloths, soaps, pulses were given to the family who were thrown out of their village in suspicion of practicing witch craft.


Vocational training and youth empowerment:
Three students have taken admission in the Government Industrial Training Institute at Suri ITI; Rampurhat College (PTP) and Nanoor ITI respectively. The organization will partially support them financially to pursue their studies. Raju Murmu has joined as a trainee in the Tata Motors at Jamshedpur.

         Raju Murmu

Kick For Help:
Besides regular coaching Kick for Help football team has participated in two tournaments at Shaldanga (Harinsingha) and at Batika football tournament.

Mother and Child Care:
The treatment of two patients are continuing, Rimi Mardi (F-8 years) for Kidney stone and Sabi Baski for tuberculosis.

         Rimi Baski

Boro Baski
 8th November 2021