Monthly Report of September 2021

By: Boro Baski
11.10.2021 News

Teaching at RSV

The month of September is lean period for the villagers depended on agriculture. The fields are filled with paddy crop which still remain unripe, hence there is less work in the field. Men during this period leisurely spend their time in making bamboo baskets, fishing nets, repair their houses and in the afternoon go out to nearby rivers and jungles to catch fish, birds and mice and drink rice wine in the evening together with the hunted items as side dish. Women clean mud wall of their houses, make broom and mat with wild grass and dry palm leaves sitting under trees. And in the afternoon they too go out to jungle to collect fire woods or to paddy fields to catch snails, crabs and also to bring grass for their cows and goats. Children often join their parents in these activities.

The villagers are carrying on their normal activities now, although the Covid restrictions in the state have not yet eased. Educational institutions are still fully closed and limited express trains are running in the districts. The good news is that the Government has hinted that educational institutions might reopen after the Durga Puja festival next month.

Bishnubati:he regular activities such as the primary and high school coaching centres in the village went on regularly. Besides teaching and learning, the extra-curricular activities such as dance and music, gardening and cleaning the campus and taking care of the museum were carried on regularly by the teachers and students.

      Taram Laha cultural team

The cultural team “Taram Laha” (Move forward) presented dance and drama at RSV school and at Teachers’ Day programme at Ghosaldanga on 5th September. They have also produced one musical album this month.

Ghosaldanga: Besides the regular activities of coaching classes, cleaning, gardening and health care programmes, the team of Ghosaldanga had organized a  colorful programme on Teachers’ Day at Prantik campus. All the former and present teachers of the organization were felicitated and cultural programmes was organized.

     Teachers' Day programme

RSV-school: The school has not re-opened yet. The teaching-learning is still continuing for one class on an alternative day. Music lessons, sports, cleanliness and nutritional food have been provided to the students regularly. Dry food packets were also given to the children.

 Nutritional food provided to students                            Dry food packets for families

A three day motivational workshop was organized at the end of the month in which the teachers of the organization were the participants. Mr. Aloke Som, an artist; Mrs. Manisha Banerjee, teacher and Mr. Asit Roy, writer, were the external instructors of the workshop. The students and parents also performed beautiful dance programme at the end of the workshop.

     Workshop at RSV

   Parents dance programme

Vocational training and youth empowerment: Pankaj Mukherjee, the coordinator of the vocational training programme reported that the four youths who had applied for trade course in the Government Industrial Training Institute their result have come out. According to the merit three of them have got the chance for admission in different Government institutions, (1) Lakhsman Tudu in mechanical (Grinder) at Suri ITI; (2) Asit Hembrom in Survey at Rampurhat College (PTP) and (3) Sagun Hansda in Electrical at Nanoor ITI. All of them are from Ghosaldanga village.

Mother and Child Care: Satyaban Roy, the In-charge of the village health care programme reported some of the important medical cases of the month.   
(1)  Surojit Baski, 4 years old boy was  suffering from Phimosis and operated in a private nursing home at Bolpur;
(2) Sabi Baski,  26 years old lady was suffering from Plural effusion with breath difficulties. Dr Sitaram Banerjee referred her to Burdwan Medical College and from there to Hope Hospital in Kolkata. , She is diagnosed of tuberculosis and continuing medicine now.
(3) Sumi Baski, 38 years old lady from Bishnubati was staying in Pearsonpalli village and came with severe weakness of hemoglobin level 1.7. She was immediately sent to Sian Sub-divisional hospital for blood infusion and presently is being treated at the Child and mother care hospital at Makrampur;
(4) Barka Hansda, 50 years old male from Bishnubati came with leg infection and treatment is going on.

      Treatment of Barka Hansda

Boro Baski
8. Oktober 2021