Monthly Report of August 2021

By: Boro Baski
15.09.2021 News

'Kick for Help' Team at the soccer tournament

The people of our villages are carrying on their normal activities now, although the Covid restrictions in the state have not yet been fully lifted. The local markets and buses run normally. Educational institutions are fully closed and limited express trains are running in the districts which can only be booked through online.

The rice everywhere looks green and the smell of chemical pesticides in the fields is less this year. It is because the price of a bag of chemical fertilizer is higher than a bag of rice. Rice cultivation is no longer a profitable livelihood now. Despite that, the marginal farmers cultivate rice because they do not know what else to do with their land if not rice.

The ray of hope is that the sale of vermicompost from our bio-farm has increased since the last few months. Serious farmers of the area are using vermicompost in their field to cultivate rice, potato, onion, vegetables and in fishery. The feedback we receive from them is very positive.

15th August, the independence day of India was celebrated in all the centres of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and RSV by hoisting of flag, speeches by students, teachers and elders, dance and music and plantation of trees.

  Independence day of India

Bishnubati: The regular activities of Bishnubati such as the primary and high school coaching centres in the village went on regularly. Besides teaching and learning, the extra-curricular activities such as dance and music, gardening and cleaning the campus and taking care of the museum were carried on regularly by the teachers and students.

The villagers weeded the sampling they planted two months ago in the cremation site at the ravine and replaced dead samplings with the new ones.

The ‘Taram Laha’ cultural team of the village also played an important role in making the farewell video of Marianne Pal Chowdhury, Hedwig und Ulrich Oser who took retirement from the active responsibilities of the Friends of Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati in Germany after serving for more than a decade.

Ghosaldanga: The regular activities of Ghosaldanga also went on regularly this month. Besides education, cleaning, gardening and health check up in the dispensary had functioned well. Dr. Sitaram Banerjee and his assistant Satyaban Roy and health workers had checked up the patients and referred the serious patients to the hospitals at Bolpur.

The World Indigenous People Day was celebrated at Ghosaldanga football ground in a colorful programme by organizing a friendly football match between the Kick for Help (KFH) and Jharkhand-Bengal Football Academy teams.

    Friendly football match at Ghosaldanga

    'Kick for Help' Girl's Team

RSV school: Although the school has not re-opened officially, the teaching-learning activities have begun for one class on an alternative day. Besides teaching, activities like music lessons, sports, cleanliness and nutritional food have been provided to the students regularly. Dry food packets were also given to them once a week.

On 15th August, RSV school completed its 25th year of service to humanity.  A seminar was organized on the occasion with the teachers, former students and senior members of the villages.

   Seminar at RSV

Due to Covid restriction there was no big celebration for the occasion. A parents meeting of the students was organized where about 100 parents participated who also cleaned the campus on the occasion and had meal together in the school.

    Parents meeting at RSV

    Parents cleaning RSV-Campus

Three sampling trees in the name of Marianne di, Hedwig and Ulrich Oser have been planted here.

    Planting three sampling trees

High school coaching and Students’ farm project at RSV: High school coaching has begun after months long suspension because of Covid. Besides regular teaching the students have begun to take care of the vegetable plots, vermicompost, fishery etc. The production of Papaya, shrimp, bitter-gourd and ladies -finger were very good this season.

Kick for Help: Football training for boys and girls went on regularly. The highlight of the month of the Team Kick for Help is they won the Champion Trophy of the 'Old is Gold football tournament'  at Balipara, Santiniketan. The tournament was felicitated by the well known former footballers and public personalities of Birbhum district.

    Football tournament, 'Man of the match'

Vocational training and youth empowerment: After having a month long training at the corporate office at Asansol three youths, Dataram Tudu, Sumitra Hembrom and Panmuni Kisku from Bishnubati and Ghosaldanga have joined as sales associates in the Vishal Mega Mart at Bolpur this month. Four more youths have applied for  trade course in the Government Industrial Training Institute too, results are awaited.

Boro Baski
8. September 2021