Monthly Report of July 2021

By: Boro Baski
09.08.2021 News

Nutritious food given to children at RSV school

Because of Covid pandemic the general lockdown had continued in the month of July. The infection rate seemed to have gone down in our area as no new cases are heard.  This is the monsoon season and all villagers were busy planting paddy in their fields. Because of closure of schools the students who would have otherwise been in the schools during this time have worked with their parents in the fields.

   Planting paddy in the fields of RSV

After many years the ravine that flows beside our school and the river Kopai which is two kilometers away from our school got flooded because of continuous rain for several days. The villagers especially the children from the surrounding villages went every day to see the flooded ravine and the river. 

Bishnubati: The activities of the village went on as usual in July. The morning and evening coaching centres had continued besides the daily activities such as prayer, cleaning, music and dance classes. The morning classes of the high schools were given holidays for a week for agricultural work.

It is more than two years now that Paresh Soren and the youth team of Bishnubati have developed a video making unit ‘Taram Laha’ (Marching forward) at their own expense in one room of the museum building. Until now they have produced eightvideos on Santal cultural life. This month the team had requested the organization to donate them a technical equipment ‘Gimbel’. The organization has bought them one to encourage their initiative of team work.

           New technical equipment for video making

After a long gap fishery programme has been restarted in the small pond situated behind the museum building. Like every year this year also the fishery programme has been taken in the big pond of the organization situated in the middle of the rice field.

Ghosaldanga: The educational centres at Ghosaldanga also continued normally along with other co-curricular activities.

RSV school: The school has not been opened yet. One class at a time had been called to the school on alternate days and given cooked nutritious food and food ration for the entire week.

The teachers had an online meeting with the teachers of Lahanti club of Chakai, Jharkhand. This year the production of lemon and guava have been very good. However, because of excessive rain the guavas were not of good taste. Therefore, the vendors who used to come to buy them are very few this time

Students’ farm project:
Pintu Ghosh continued to take care of the projects of the students such as duck rearing, vermicomposed, fishery and vegetable garden throughout the month. The bad news is the bees of one bee box flew away and it is due to lack of regular care that Pintu alone could not handle. Earlier students used take care of bees.

Kick for Help: The football coaching course went on normally last month

Health care and dispensary: Dr. Sitaram Banerjee along with his team had continued to treat the patients at medical dispensary at Ghosaldanga.

Boro Baski
7th August 2021