Monthly Report of June 2021

By: Boro Baski
14.07.2021 News

Hul divas at Bishnubati

The general lockdown had continued the whole of June because of Covid pandemic. Therefore, except the agriculture and related farming activities such as duck rearing, fishery, vermicompost, bee keeping and vegetable cultivation, the normal activities of the organization could not be done.  However, every centres had tried their best to organize some programmes to keep the students in touch with their books and education centres by visiting their homes and called them to the centres occasionally for music class and  get guidance in studies keeping Covid -19 guidelines.

Every year after the first rain of the monsoon the two village organizations Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati conduct the tree plantation and clearing of weeds programme. With these two community programmes the organizations of  both the villages had initiated their work thirty years ago. The detail activities of the month are given.

Bishnubati: The teachers, students and the villagers of Bishnubati took up tree plantation in two phases. First, they trimmed the branches of the big trees on the road sides and sowed  seeds in the empty spaces. This is to mention that last year the organization cut down about thirty matured dead trees in collaboration with the local government office  that were planted  more than two decades ago. The new saplings filled up the empty spaces. Second, the tree plantation programme was organized at the cremation ground of the village situated near the ravine. One representative  from every family  had participated in planting saplings.

On 30th June, the Hul Divas was commemorated at the museum campus. Every year Santals throughout the country remember Hul divas also known as Santal revolution (1855-56) in the history of India in which the Santals under the leadership of  two brothers Sidhu Murmu and Kanu Murmu revolted against the exploitation of landlords and money lenders under the patronage of British rule. Students and teachers sang songs on Hul and teachers spoke about the relevance of Hul in present time.

Ghosaldanga: The students, teachers and the villagers of Ghosaldanga celebrated environment day on 5th June by planting saplings of tree related to religious beliefs beside the football ground.
Hul divas was also commemorated at the Prantik house with a small cultural ceremony.


RSV school:  The teachers of RSV continued to come to the school and work in the garden and did the project of making educational primers. They also decided in a meeting that from next month each class will be called to the school on alternate days and given cooked nutritious food and food  ration for the entire week.

The bio-farm: After recovering from sickness  Monotosh Das  resumed the work in the farm and sold Rs. 50,000/ (Fifty thousand) worth  mangos this month. The preparation for sowing paddy is in progress in the organization’s fields.

Students’ farm project: As the hostel and coaching centres are suspended because of Covid pandemic, Pintu Ghosh continued to take care of the projects of the students such as duck rearing, vermicomposed, fishery, bee-keeping and vegetable garden throughout the month.  This month Rs. 2000/ (Two thousand) worth vegetables, duck-eggs and vermicomposed have been sold. The vegetables were mostly used in the school kitchen. Last year fishery production was not good as expected. This year fresh lot of young fish has been cultivated with new methods..


The pipe line works has been completed for the Rain Water Harvesting from the boys’ hostel building to the nearby pond where fishery and duck rearing are going on.

Kick for Help: Both football trainers Rubai Hansda and Jintendranath Singh have recovered from the Covid and have resumed the coaching course.


Health care and dispensary: The medical check-up has resumed at Ghosaldanga. Dr. Sitaram Banerjee had twice checked the patients at the dispensary at Ghosaldanga.

Here I attach the link of the video song on HUL along with its background story.

Boro Baski
7th July 2021

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