Monthly Report of May 2021

By: Boro Baski
11.06.2021 News

Harvest on organic farm of RSV

Due to Second wave of Corona pandemic the general lock down in the country had continued the whole of May. The respective state governments however have made some relaxation in certain important and emergency services. In West Bengal the complete lock down had been  re-imposed from 16th to 30th May 2021. The public transports like buses and trains that had begun to run in limited numbers have been again totally suspended due to the intensity of the virus.

The month of May is summer in India which continues till the mid-June. The students enjoy the summer holidays and the villagers would celebrate the marriage ceremonies. Normally the harvest of the summer paddy crop is completed by the end of May but many families could not complete the harvesting. The Corona pandemic has changed the normal cycle of village life. Too much rain had been one problem but another problem was the effect of Coronavirus. Since most of the adult members of the families were suffering with fever, headache, and body pain and were not able to take food properly, many of them became physically weak and could not work in the field as they otherwise would.

The students in this situation have played a big role in helping their parents in the field work since their schools were closed for more than a year now. In many private schools in cities the classes are going on through on-line but in the rural schools this arrangement was not successful. Many parents however in the beginning bought android mobile phones for their children for on-line classes. Now the mobiles are being used to listen to music and watch YouTube videos.

The activities of the organization in the month of May continued partly until 15th May when the complete  lockdown was imposed by the Government. The  coaching classes of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, Bautijol, Bandlodanga, Panchabanpur and RSV hostel continued  up to 15th and were later suspended. The teachers of RSV continued to come to the school and work in the garden and did the project of making educational primers.

The bio-farm was guarded by the teachers of RSV on roster basis as Monotosh Das who is the in-charge of the farm was  sick almost the whole of May. Pintu  Ghosh however continued to take care of the projects of the students such as duck rearing, vermicompost, fishery, bee-keeping and vegetable garden even during the  lockdown. The unfortunate news is 26 ducks were either eaten up by foxes at night or were stolen by some mischievous locals at night.

The ‘Kick for Help’ football coaching course had been suspended because both the teachers Rubai Hansda and Jintendranath Singh had been affected by Coronavirus.

The medical dispensary at Ghosaldanga had been suspended. However, the regular follow up of the patients and emergency medical consultation had continued by Satyanarayan Roy and his medical team of the villages.

Here I attach the link of the video song "Benget Napam" along with its story released in April 2021.

Boro Baski
6th June 2021