Monthly Report of April 2021

By: Boro Baski
11.05.2021 News

Drawing work at 'Children's Day'

The month of April 2021 will be remembered as the month of great tragedy in the Indian Corona pandemic. The second wave of Corona has taken away thousands of lives in cities, towns and villages.

Our villages Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati that were unaffected in the first wave last year could not escape this time. Boro Baski, one of the employees of the organization, got infected with Corona in the second week of the month. He, however, was not infected while staying in the village but while staying with his family at Bandel, a small town near Kolkata. After the detection of the virus he was immediately admitted  in a Government hospital near Kolkata. After the treatment for twelve days he got discharged and presently is under rest and home isolation at Bandel.

Besides Boro nobody else from the villages has been detected with corona yet, though like many people of   the surrounding villages the villagers of Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati are suffering from mild fever, cough and headache. All of them have recovered after taking normal medications.

Seeing the intensity of the Corona virus in the villages the organization had to suspend some activities for safety reasons.

Seeing the intensity of the Corona virus in the villages the organization had to suspend some activities for safety reasons.

Detail of the activities:

a)   Ghosaldanga Centre: The morning and evening coaching centres at Ghosaldanga had continued their classes. Since most of the teachers and students are from the same village and they normally meet each other in the village the teachers decided to continue the classes in keeping with the Corona guidelines. Because of the closure of schools for more than a year the students are badly affected where their education is concerned.

The health centre of the village also continued as usual by the health workers and the doctor visited the centre once a week.

b) Bishnubati centre:   At Bshnubati the morning and evening coaching centres, the Museum of Santal Culture continued to function. Paresh Saren, the senior student who stays in the museum campus has formed a students' group and is teaching them the basic applications of computer. Paresh has done diploma in computer science.

       Teaching computer applications

On 9th April, the annual Children’s Day was celebrated at the Museum campus. The students and teachers from Ghosaldanga, RSV school and evening schools of Bautijol, Panchabanpur and Bandlodanga participated. The clay work, drawing session and a small cultural programme was organized for the students. Because of Corona restrictions the villagers were not invited in this half a day afternoon programme.

                                     Clay work at Children's Day

c) RSV Primary school:  RSV school teachers continued to take classes in the villages of the students in the first two weeks of the month.  But as the news of positive cases of Corona started coming from Bolpur town and neighboring villages the classes were suspended. The teachers however came to the school to work in the gardens.

The teachers also worked on a project of making primers for the children under the guidance of Sanyasi Lohar. Each teacher had taken the specific subject to work on

Like last year this year also the teachers prepared several bottles of pickles from the mangoes that were fallen by storms and rain.

               Mango-Pickles aus dem Obstgarten

d) Hostel and Students’ farming activities: The coaching classes for high school students had continued for two weeks. The hostel where ten boys and girls were staying had to be closed due to Corona.

Pintu Ghosh, the head teacher of the hostel and farming activities had however continued visiting to the campus to look after the vegetable garden, ducks,

During the closure of the hostel all the employees of RSV school are following a roster  to look after the garden and guard the campus on alternate day basis.

e) Bio-orchard:  Besides the good production of vegetables the mango production also is very good this year.

f) Kick for Help:  The football training for boys and girls has continued as usual. There had been no important matches this month.




  Boro Baski, 9th May, 2021