Monthly Report of March 2021

By: Ulrich Oser
11.04.2021 News

Baha festival in times before Corona

Boro Baski has sent us a report for March 2021 about the situation and the ongoing activities in the villages. Here are the links to Boro's "Monthly Report March 2021" and to the report in German translation!

Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, this year the spring festival "Baha Parab" could not be organized as a big open festival (Disam Baha Parab), in which dozens of tribal people groups from the surrounding villages also participate in a sports and cultural program.

However, the traditional festivals "Baha Parab" were celebrated as usual in the villages. In an attached essay Boro describes in detail the course of this traditional festival, which is important for the Santal culture. Here the German translation!

In addition, Boro points to an article in the magazine D+C. Here the links to Boro's article in English version: "Divided by scripts", and to the German version: "Zu viele Alphabete"!