Video-Song 'Gai Gupi Kada Gupi' (Herding Cows and Buffalos)

By: Ulrich Oser
17.03.2021 News

Boro Baski has sent us another video song. It was already posted on YouTube a few years ago under the title 'Bagi kedalang Gai Gupi Kada Gupi' and received more than 1.5 million views.

The positive response to this song inspired Boro to re-release it under the name 'Gai Gupi Kada Gupi' (Herding Cows and Buffalos) with minor changes and English subtitles in the video.


The background story to this song "The story behind the song", is also inspiring and exciting. In it, Boro talks about his own childhood and youth, the difficulties of settling into a boarding school, his alienation from Santal village life and how he found his way back into the socio-cultural life of the Santals, especially through music.

Today, Boro actively strives to preserve the language and culture of the Santals.



          Boro Baski

          Herding the Buffalos