Monthly Report of January 2021

By: Boro Baski
10.02.2021 News

Sorhae dance in the village

Sorhae, the biggest festival of Santal was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm last month. This was the first big festival celebrated in the villages ever since the Corona pandemic started in the country last year. Read more in the essay "Sorhae Porob" in English or also in German translation!

       Wall painting for the Sorae

The villagers have again started cultivating the ‘Khora horo’ (summer paddy) and those who do not cultivate rice,  sow the Rabi crops like mustard, wheat, potatoes, onions and vegetables. These crops remain in the fields for 3-4 months until the monsoon arrives in June-July.

       Threshing of paddy

Primary and High School Coaching Centers:
The evening coaching centres for primary students and the high school coaching centers of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, Bandlodanga, Bautijol, and Panchabanpur had continued their classes. All the centres were on holidays for seven days because of Sorhae festival. Even after reopening the centres, the attendance of the students were low as many of them had gone to visit their relatives with their parents after the festivals or visa-vise.

High school students of Bishnubati and Boro Baski had brought out video albums of Sorhae song and dance that were shot in Bishnubati. The links of videos have been attached along with the story and an essay about Sorhae in an extra News "Sorhae festival".

RSV Primary school:
RSV school continued its classes with one class on alternate days. Besides, sports activities and gardening, the nutritious food was served to the students as usual.


      Sports activities at RSV

From the end of January the teachers have started visiting the students in the evening coaching classes of their respective villages. This is to support the teachers and the students teaching-learning that had been disrupted due to prolong closure of the schools.

Mr. Roshan Kumar Yadav, who has recently completed his Master degree in theatre from Pondicherry University, is staying at the boys’ hostel with two senior students. He has started a theatre workshop with the junior and senior students separately to boost up the students’ self confidence, mental concentration and physical energy.

Hostels and Coaching Centres:
The hostels are still closed for the junior students but coaching classes for all the high school students continued in the morning.

       Coaching classes at Boys-Hostel

In the last month’s finance committee meeting it was decided that Pintu Ghosh would get extra remuneration for the extra-curricular activities he has been doing since the last six years with the students at RSV. Besides formal education he has involved the students in fishery, duckery, bee keeping, bio-gardening and vermi-culture activities. Earlier he was receiving the remuneration from the project of Bose Institute, Kolkata and since two years the project has stopped.

      Duckery at RSV-Campus

After the harvesting of paddy the Rabi crops are growing well. Monotosh Das, the in-charge of the orchard is now preparing to grow Mushroom.

     Processing mushrooms

Kick for Help:
The football training for boys and girls has continued as usual. The girls’ team of Kick for Help participated in a friendly football match at the Adibasi mela ground at Bonerpukurdanga village.

  Girls’ team of Kick for Help

Vocational Training and Youth Development Programme:
Pankaj Mukherjee, the coordinator of the programmme reported that several youth of Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati who had been working and taking training in various institutions and had returned to their respective villages due to Corona pandemic are slowly returning and resuming their duties and trainings in their respective places.

Dataram Tudu and Paresh Tudu have returned to Hyderabad to work in Barbeque Restaurant; Robinath Hembrom has joined as CNC operator in Tambaram, Tamilnadu; After completing medical lab technician course Rupchand Hansda from Bishnubati village  has joined ‘Diploma in Radiology’ course in the Burdwan Medical College Hospital from January; Pradip Hansda, Avinash Soren and Lakhiram Mardi have resumed  their work in Peerless Inn hotel in Durgapur; Raju Murmu’s practical examination  in Fitter Trade course has started  in Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur, Kolkata.

Manoda Hembrom and Sumitra Hembrom who had been pursuing General Duty Assistant course in Belur Shoromojibi Pathshala, their institute has not yet re-opened.  Paresh Soren has been conferred the best camper award in absentia in an eventful programme at Belur.

Four members of our organization participated in the Rock Climbing Training Course at Joychandi Pahar, Purulia held last year before the Pandemic started. All the youth who have joined in their respective services and  training are former students of RSV school. 

Boro Baski
7th February, 2021, RSV school, Ghosaldanga