Monthly Report of December 2020

By: Boro Baski
12.01.2021 News

Mask distribution at the Museum day

The month of December is one of the busiest months for the villagers of our neighborhood. It is the time when the harvesting of rice is towards the end and the festive season of the village melas (fair) begins in different areas of the district. For us Santals, we are taking preparation to celebrate our biggest festival ‘Sorhae’, the harvest festival which begins from 10th and will continue till the 16th of January 2021.

The famous fair of our area off course is the historic Poush Mela of Santiniketan that Rabindranath Tagore started in 1894. Until two years ago our organization had put up the stall in Poush mela in collaboration with the Bose institute, Kolkata to promote the ideas of income generation programs in the Santal villages and we also sold the product of our bio-farm. The poush mela could not be held in December of 2020 due to Covid-19 Bio-Farm.

Primary and High School Coaching Centers:
The evening coaching centres for primary students and the high school coaching centers of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, Bandlodanga, Bautijol, and Panchabanpur went on regularly. At Bishunubati teachers and students were busy cleaning the campus for the Museum day celebration on 9th December which went on successfully.

Photos from the Museum Day

      Playing on Banam musical instrument

      Santali short story reading session

RSV Primary school:
RSV school has resumed its classes but still with one class on alternate days. The nutritious food comprising of rice, pulses, potato, green and yellow vegetable, soyabeans have been provided regularly. Also egg, fish and chicken were served to the students in rotation.  Besides teaching games, cleaning, gardening especially the vegetable cultivation is on by the students and teachers. 

       Students in their vegetable garden

On 25th December, Christmas was celebrated at the school in which the students, teachers of RSV and all educational centres took part. On this occasion the students of the Department of Mathematic,Visva-Bharati University donated school bags, pen, pencil and warm cloths to the students of RSV, Tantbuni and Taipukur villages. 

Hostel and coaching centres:
The hostels are still closed but the two students who will appear for their class-X board examination are staying in the hostel for their preparation. The students from the nearby villages came regularly for their coaching classes to the hostel in the morning.

After the rice harvesting, mustard, onion, beetroot  brinjal, cabbage, tomato, beans and number of green leafy vegetables were cultivated.


Kick for Help:
The football training for boys and girls are continuing as usual. This month the junior boys’ team played a friendly football match with the Fuldanga football team at the home ground at Ghosaldanga.


Solar light installation project at RSV:
The solar light system whose installation was completed last month is functioning well in the kitchen, office building, garden path and the community room of the RSV campus.

Boro Baski
11th January, 2020, RSV school, Ghosaldanga