Monthly Report of November 2020

By: Boro Baski
10.12.2020 News

The months of November and December are the season of harvesting of rice in India. This year the rice yielding has been very good therefore the villagers are happy.  There had been no big natural calamities like flood or drought that often destroy the crops.

Primary and high school Coaching Centers:
The evening coaching centres for primary students and the high school coaching centers of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati, Bandlodanga, Bautijol, and Panchabanpur have been regularized now. In the last teachers’ meeting on 25th November all the teachers presented positive report about their centres.

The teachers of Panchabanpur and Bandlodanga however mentioned that since many of their students are busy helping their parents in the field harvesting rice they drowse while studying in the coaching centre because of physical tiredness. Letting them go home early and doing more interactive session are some of the suggestion given to the teachers to help the students to concentrate in studies.

At Bishunubati teachers and students were busy cleaning the campus for the upcoming Museum day programme on 9th December.

RSV Primary school:
RSV school has resumed its classes but with still one class on alternate days. The nutritious food comprising of rice, pulses, potato, green and yellow vegetable, soyabeans have been provided regularly. Also egg, fish and chicken were served to the students in rotation.

Besides teaching games, cleaning, gardening especially the vegetable cultivation is on by the students and teachers.

      Vegetable cultivation at RSV school

On 24th November, a sports programme was organized for the students of RSV school and coaching centres. Manabesh Das and Tanmayee Karmakar, two master degree students of Social Work department took the initiative for the programme which were also part of their  month long internship course in the organization. They also presented  their experience of working in the organization at RSV and suggested their views to make certain areas of activities better.

  Sports programme at RSV-Campus

The hostels are still closed but the two students who will appear for their class-X board examination are staying in the hostel for their preparation.

The students from the nearby villages came regularly for their coaching classes to the hostel in the morning. In the morning before beginning of the class a half an hour meditation and interaction session has been reintroduced in the hostel coaching class from this month. The morning prayer was discontinued during Corona and earlier students were attending prayer with hostel students. 

       Hostel coaching class

The vegetable garden of each classes have grown  well at the hostel that they have for the first time used the mulching method that Annalena Wagner and Jahannes Ritz, two German students volunteers experimented and taught them.

The rice harvesting is complete and the harvest was very good. After the harvest of rice, mustard, tomatos have been planted on the same land and onion and other vegetables will be planted soon. Like every year papaya cultivation was very good.


 Rice harvwesting                                                             Papaya cultivation

Solar light installation project at RSV: 
The installation of solar light in the RSV campus is completed. The solar panels are put in three different places. The maximum panels are installed on the roof top of the kitchen which covers the kictchen, office building, garden path and the community room. And other two installations are on the roof of the girls’ and boys’ hostels respectively.

All the installation are working well and giving good light. The works was stopped for several months due to Covid-19 pandemic and prolong lock down.