Monthly Report of September 2020

By: Boro Baski
13.10.2020 News

Health check up at Ghosaldanga

High school Coaching Centers and Evening Schools:
The High school coaching centers of Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati are continuing their regular activities. Besides the regular classes in the morning and evening, in both the villages several activities also were organized.

    Evening school

At Bishnubati, a poetry recitation and a film show programme were organized by Paresh Soren, Rupchand Hansda and Bimol Baski. A Yoga session with the women of Ghosaldanga village was conducted by Leena Murmu and Sona Murmu.

Poetry recitation at Bishnubati                                 Yoga class at Ghosaldanga

The evening coaching centers of Bandlodanga, Bautijol and Panchabanpur too have normalized their educational activities.

RSV school has resumed its classes with students of each class being called on alternate days. The main reason to bring back the students to school is to help them re-connect with their books and studies through various educational activities like reading story books, singing, painting and revising the previous lessons.

    Educational activities                                                          Providing nutritious food

To provide nutritious food to the students is another important reason. Recently, Satyaban Roy, health supervisor of the organization conducted a health check up and found that several students of Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati are suffering from malnutrition. This proves that the children lacked nutritious food during the lockdown period.

           Healthy check up at Bishnubati

This year the teachers’ day was celebrated at RSV on 5th September in a low profile manner. Besides some songs by the teachers, a short story reading session was presented by Gobinda Baski.  Gokul Hansda and Boro Baski also held a discussion on the method and importance of Webinar discussion.


            Webinar discussion organized by the "Asistic Society"

On 25th September, Mr. Ludwig Pesch along with his team members of the Tribal cultural Heritage in India Foundation had organized a small programme to commemorate the 100th year of Rabindranath Tagore’s speech in Paradiso, Amsterdam (1919). For that occasion the teachers of RSV had prepared a video with a short speech on how Tagore’s education and rural development idea inspired our village work and a Tagore song in Santali. They sent the recorded video programme to Mr. Ludwig Pesch to include it in their programme. 

The hostels are still closed but the students who are from nearby villages come regularly for their coaching classes. The students also take part in all the activities like cleaning the campus and taking care of the garden, fishery pond, vermicompost and bee keeping.

   Vermicompost pit

This month the production of guavas, lemon and papaya was very good. Monotosh Das who looks after the orchard has sold the guava worth Rs.5000/ and lemon worth Rs. 2000/ besides the regular sale of turmeric powder.


                                                            Guava vendor at RSV.

This year the rice that was produced from the organization’s land was partly distributed to the needy parents of the students and rest were sold. Earlier the rice was used for the mid day meal for the students. This is to mention that the products that were sold are only after fulfilling the requirements of the school and the inmates staying in the campus.

Kick for Help:
The football training for boys and girls are continuing as usual. Due to prolong lock down no important matches were played in these months.