By: Boro Baski
04.09.2020 News

Hoisting the national flag on Independence Day in Bishnubati

1. Coaching Centres:
The educational programmes in Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and the evening coaching centres of Bandlodanga, Bautijol and Panchabanpur have resumed now. Some activities that took place last month are-

  • In all the centres the parents’ meetings were held to assess the situation of the Covid period and parents' opinions were asked about the opening of centres. All the parents were in favor of resuming the classes.
  • Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August in Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati in a very low profile manner this year by hoisting the national flag in the respective campuses followed by songs by the students.
  • Masks for the students of Bandlodanga, Bautijol and Panchabanpur were prepared by Sumitra Baski of Bishnubati and were distributed to them. In the first phase, students of these villages were not given due to strict restriction to enter in the villages. 
  • As per the decision taken in the Village Committee meeting at Bishnubati and Finance Committee meeting Uttam Baski will work as the Teacher In-charge of the High School Coaching centre of Bishnubati and Swapan Ghosh will assist him in teaching. After the demise of Bimol Patra last year there was no full-time teacher at the centre.
  • Uttam who had been the In-charge of the primary evening schools of five villages has been replaced by Ramjit Mardi. Since one month Ramjit has been transferred to Block Development Office at Nanoor in his government job, he was unable to attend the classes in the morning at Bishnubati regularly.

2. RSV:
RSV primary school is yet to reopen for the students due to the restriction put by the Government because of Covid-19.  The teachers however are coming regularly for making teaching materials, for music classes and for cleaning the campus and self reading in the library.

The Independence Day and the foundation Day of the RSV school was celebrated on 15th August with minimum attendance of the teachers and students of the organization. Besides flag hoisting a small seminar was held for the teachers.


Maloti Murmu, the teacher of RSV has been transferred to Ghosaldanga coaching centre and Konika Khan of Ghosaldanga has been brought back to RSV for the convenience of the work.

3. Hostel:
Hostel still remained closed last month due to Covid but the students came for the coaching class regularly after a gap of few days. The students also took part in all the activities like cleaning the campus and taking care of the garden, fishery pond, vermicompost and bee keeping.

4. Bio-orchard:
After a good production of Mangos this summer, the papayas, lemons and guavas have grown in abundance now. The selling of Papaya and lemon has started but for the guavas it will take one more week.

5. Kick for Help:
The football training for boys and girls has resumed. The team of Kick for Help organized a tree plantation programme in the empty space around the football ground of Ghosaldanga.


6. General Information: 
A per the decision taken in the Finance Committee meeting on 12th August and at all staff meetings at RSV on 15th August, all the employees of GBAT will produce their personal work diary to the in-charge of the respective department at the end of every month. Producing the diary to the concerned person is made mandatory for processing the next month’s honorarium to the employees.

Gokul Hansda and Boro Baski took part in the on-line conference on the subject “Adivasi Wisdom” on 9th August organized by Kolkata Creative Centre. 


9th August, the World Indegenious Peoples' Day was celebrated at Ghosaldanga football ground with speech by Sona Murmu and other teachers followed by songs and dance performance by the children. Due to Covid the usual procession covering several villages of the area had to be cancelled this year.



7. Special Programme of September 2020: 
Teachers’ Day will be celebrated at RSV on 5th September 2020.