Adivasi Nostalgia | A series of songs on Bygone Days

By: Boro Baski
25.08.2020 News

In 2015 Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust had produced two Santali musical albums based on Santal village life with the financial support of Tribal cultural Heritage in India Foundation, Amsterdam. Since then we have sold and distributed dozens of CDs as gifts to our friends and received quite  good responses about the content and the quality of the music. Mr. Ludwig Pesch also has uploaded the albums on their Foundation’s website and I hope he too is receiving  equally good response. However, in both these initiatives I feel we could reach out only to the selected sections of the audience having special interest in Santal cultural life.

Since last few months I have been thinking of the mechanism to reach the music to the general Santals as well as to the people outside the community. With this idea in mind I thought of re-arranging the songs and videos with English sub-titles and air them in social media like Facebook, because with the Corona pandemic the social media is gradually becoming a very popular platform to share the ideas even among rural Adivasis. I have also thought of giving the write ups of the background story of each fusion song and a narrative for the traditional songs. If the response is positive there is also a plan to release the songs in a series. Sundar Manoj Hembrom from Bandel, an engineer by profession and a well-known Santali creative writer has agreed to support me in translation of the songs and editing the manuscript and handling social media. He is one of the great supporters of our village work too.

Please find the link of the first song I released last month:


 And here is another link for the

                Concept Note of Adivasi Nostalgia.