Monthly report of the month of July, 2020

By: Boro Baski
09.08.2020 News

Staff meeting

Dear Marianne di, dear friends,
I hope you are doing well. Here is the monthly report of the month of July, 2020.

Education: In our staff meeting on 16th June, it was decided that all the centres will explore the possibilities of resuming their activities maintaining the guidelines given by the government. In the evolution meeting yesterday, it was learnt that except RSV all the other educational centres of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and the three extension coaching centres have resumed their classes with the students.


After the declaration of the second phase of total lockdown in the state from the last week of July the coaching centres of Bautijol, one centre of Bandlodanga had to be closed due to lack of space in the centres as they could not maintain the  basic rules of physical distance. The teachers of those centres have been requested to organize a meeting with the parents to discuss the issue and see the possibilities if the students can be divided in small groups or can be taught in any family-courtyard.

RSV: At RSV the classes have not resumed but the teachers are coming regularly for making teaching materials and lesson plans. Last one week was a holiday for the cultivation of rice.

Hostel: The morning Coaching class for the hostel students and the external students of class-VIII to X had continued until 23rd July. Due to the second lockdown in the state from 24th July only class X students are coming for the class.  Since the students are not in the hostel, the duckery programme had to temporarily be closed but the three big ducks who do not need any regular supervision are still in the campus.

Bio-orchard: This year about Rs. 40,000/ worth of mangos have been sold from the garden.  Presently lemons are being sold from the farm. The cultivation of rice in five bighas of the organization’s land has been successfully completed by Montotosh and his helper Bhola Murmu.

In yesterday’s staff meeting, the 8% increment of salary of the staff was declared and all the staff expressed their gratitude to the organization and to the Friends of Ghosaldanga and Bishnuabti in Germany. At the end, a condolence on the sad demise of our two good friends and well wishers of our village work Ms. Mechtild Jahn and Dr. Rainer Jork was expressed. Snehadri da delivered a short speech on their long association with our village work.  We had also sent a letter to Mechtild di wishing her speedy recovery a week before she expired and sent a condolence letter to Rainer da's son Dr. Hagen Jork who we know from our visit to Dresden in 1998.  Some related photos of the activities are attached.