News of AshadullapurGraminnSilpa&SasthaBidhanKendra (AGSSBK)

By: Sanyasi Lohar
03.08.2020 News

Children's nutritional program

Corona COVID 19 has had frightened all human beings, including our village people. Our simple daily life has been rudely interrupted. Now we must live on a day to day basis wondering what the next day will bring.

The media like television, radio, YouTube, WhatsApp, and newspapers cover the metropolitan areas and mention little about the rural areas where we live. On 22nd of March, all government and non-government institutions, schools, colleges, offices, factories and big shopping malls were partially locked down all over India.

The most terrible aspect of the COVID 19 virus for our village people is that it is invisible. This causes panic and deep uncertainty. The daily work has also been stooped. Social distancing was ordered suddenly and disturbed the natural closeness of relatives and village people. From one day to another, relatives and friends could no longer visit each other.

During the lockdown period many people had no choice but to follow the government rules and stay at home safely because all transport had been stopped. There were no buses and trains, no rikshas and auto-rikshas.

In the beginning, it was so difficult because the simplest of administrative duties could not be done. The daily labourers suffered severely because they depend on daily wages to feed their families at home. In our District, at least some government agencies and NGOs, including ourselves, have donated a minimum of food supplies to the poor in their villages. But was it enough?


      Before Lockdown                                                 During Lockdown

In this crises AshadullapurGraminSilpa&SasthaBidhan Kendra (AGSSBK) did not stop the nutrition and feeding programme in three villages Tanthbuni, Rindanga and Rayerpukur. We continued to provide nutritious food especially to the children while maintaining the rules of hygiene and distancing. We donated soap for washing their hands regularly. Because our children have to have enough energy, protein, vitamin to build up a strong healthy body.


            Hands washing

We are happy to inform you that in our surrounding villages not a single corona virus patient has been detected. But we continue to be watchful.