Mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus

By: Gokul Hansda
09.07.2020 News


Dear Friends,


Hope you all are keeping well. Yesterday (28.06.2020) the 4th day that we are continuing our mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus.


The Finance committee called a meeting on 16.06.2020 where all the employees participated. Then it was decided that the cleaning work would be done every Thursday and Sunday of a week. According to our plan we started our work on 18.06.2020.   It is a great pleasure that all the employees of our organization; teachers are more in numbers are happily and actively giving their physical labour.


Every day we are doing the work for three hours, starts at 8’clock in the morning. After four days we have been able to do the 80% of the cleaning in this campus. The next Thursday we will be doing the same. After the work the RSV teachers will give demonstration of their practice teaching before us with teaching aids at RSV. Sanyasi is organizing the progamme accordingly. The Finance Committee meeting will also be done in the same day. At the end we will all have a meal together as usual.

With love and thanks.