Report for the month of June 2020

By: Boro Baski
14.07.2020 News

Fish cultivation at RSV


Dear Marianne di and friends,
I hope you are well. Though Gokul has given you some news about the recent activities of the organization, here I give you some new updates for June 2020.

After the all employees meeting on 16th June, it is agreed that all the employees will clean the campus in their respective places of work. They will also by discussing with the parents  assess the situation if the activities can be resumed or not. It was also decided that all employees will come to RSV campus twice a week (Thursday and Saturday) for cleaning the campus and the discussion on the progress of their work. Until now the response from the teachers are satisfactory and those who could not attend had given prior information.


Some of the developments are as follows.

  • The coaching classes and the teachers’ meeting at RSV had already begun in May. In June the high school coaching at Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati resumed but only in the morning and not in the evening.


  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the music teacher has also started his lesson twice a week- on Wednesday and Saturday.


  • Despite the irregular rain this year the mangos of RSV campus are in plenty. But due to too much rain the quality of the mangos are poor  this year. However, until now Monotosh has sold about 500 kilos mangos and earned twenty thousand rupees. He has also grown ginger in the campus for the first time by using the cultivation technique of Annalena and Johannes.


  •  On 3rd July, the RSV teachers had presented their teaching materials  they prepared during the last stage of the lockdown.


  • From 1st July the Evening school at Bandlodanga also resumed.


  • This year besides the fish cultivation at RSV lotus also has been cultivated.


      I hope you are well.