Situation report on the Corona crisis in the villages

By: Boro Baski
15.04.2020 News

Distance markings at the well


Dear Marianne di and friends.
Wish you a Happy Easter. I hope you are all well in this time of anxiety that is going on around the world. The people of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and neighboring villages of our area are not yet affected by the Corona virus though the concern is prevailing among the people. Three weeks ago two boys from Bishnubati and former students of RSV have returned to the village from Maharastra where they went to work in a bakery. Ever since they have arrived they were kept under observation by our organization as well government health workers, until now no symptom of virus has been detected.

A week ago a letter from the director of FCRA (Foreign Contribution Registration Act) office New Delhi was sent to all the organization having FCRA registration   requesting to initiate some special programme in combating Covid-19 in the respective areas of work. In this regard GBAT has taken special drive in creating awareness and sanitizing programme in Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati by distributing soap and sanitizing the village road and the tube well areas with bleaching powder. Now the villagers are more conscious about the danger of the virus and all are supporting the awareness drive.

In Bishnubati two families have been identified who are suffering from the shortage of food during this time. One of them have approached us for support and another is managing with the rice from the government ration shop. Both these families have two old people of above 65 years. Bimol Baski is keeping close contact with the economically vulnerable families.

The regular activities of GBAT and RSV campus is stopped but teachers are active in keeping the emergency activities going for example, RSV campus is being monitored by Sona Murmu, Ranjit Khan, Monotosh Das and his assistant Bhola, Pintu Ghosh and two night guards in rotation wise. Museum campus is being guarded by our senior student Paresh Soren by staying there in a room.

Our  greetings to you and wish you a good health of body and mind during this time of Easter and the days to come.

With regards,

P.S.  Some photos of Covid-19 awareness programme are attached.

 Information for the villagers



  Handover of hygiene articles




     Tube well areas receive distance markings