An Inquiry into the Living World of the Adivasis in West Bengal

By: Boro Baski
28.01.2019 News

Presentation in the Asiatic Society

A Preliminary Findings of 'An Inquiry into the Living World of the Adivasis in West Bengal' an empirical study jointly carried out by the Pratichi Institute and Asiatic Society has been released in the Asiatic Society this month by Prof Amartya Sen.

Like previous Pratichi reports on Primary Education and Health and Nutrition this report too created a concern on the depressing pictures of the Adivasis in West Bengal. According to the findings 12% Adivasis still are unable to earn a square meal a day; 66.6% Adivasi households have no latrine and drainage system; 61% are unable to avail government health care system; 8% children cover more than a kilometer to reach their schools; 14% Adivasis are not aware of  their basic rights given to them by the country’s constitution; 50% Adivasi children take private tuition besides their regular schooling; 53% lead their livelihood by daily wages in which women and children are included.

Being one of the members of this research team I had the opportunity to react on the findings of the preliminary report in the event.  I hereby attach a brief report on the findings circulated for the press and also the Link of the newspaper that covered the issue for your information along with some photos.


 The podium with Prof. Amartya Sen (right)             At the lectern Boro Baski