News from the villages - June 2017

By: Martin Kämpchen, Translation by Hannah Beckmann
19.07.2017 News

Girls Football Team with Coach Rishikesh Thapa

Women’s-football-tournament _
The 10th of June was the day of a women’s-football-tournament in Noadangal (close to Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati), in which a team of RSV could participate. Their trainer was Rishikesh Thapa, an anthropological student of Darjeeling, who studies in Santiniketan and is well connected to the work in the villages. He often tutors English at RSV.

Watching women play football is a really rare vision in India, especially in the rural areas. But it promotes the girls’ self-confidence and gives them a chance to do sports. Therefore the team of RSV joined some non-local tournaments already.

Workshop about worm composting
On the 8th of June, Dr. Sharmishtha Dattagupta held a workshop about worm composting. In the gardens of RSV this kind of composting is already practiced, since the Bose-Institute has introduced it there some time ago. Together with her students Dr. Dattagupta used these facilities to test, how worm composting can be the most effective. For more information take a look at her report, including photos as well.