Presentation of Santal-festivals at Indian Museum in Kolkata and in Bangladesh

By: Boro Baski
14.04.2017 News

Presentation at Indian Museum, Kolkata

Baha Festival at Indian Museum_ 
Ghosaldanga Bishnbati cultural team was invited to present a cultural programme on Santal BAHA (Santal flower festival) at Indian Museum, Kolkata on 31st March 2017.


The programmes started with a Baha dance followed by a sketch on Baha rituals. Later seven different dance forms of different seasons of the year were presented by 15 male and female performers. For every dance a small narration about the dance were read out in Bengali.


Several officials and staff of the Museum and other government institutions were present in the programme. Among them Dr. Mita Chakraborty; curator, Indian Museum; Dr. Ranjana Roy, Dy. Director of Asiatic Society, Kolkata; Dr. Kakali Chakraborty, Former Dy. director of Anthropological Survey of India and the audience witness the programme.

Baha Utsav at Bangladesh
On 21st to 26th March 2017, supported by Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust, a six member cultural team headed by Rathin Kisku participated in the ‘Santal Utsav’ at Parbotipur of Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. The cultural team was comprises of four male and 2 female members and they were all singers and experts in different santal musical instruments. The members were Rathin Kisku (Gopal nagar, Team leader), Ramjit Mardi (Bishnubati), Anil Hembrom (Ghosaldanga), Puspa Baskey (Santiniketan), Lakhi Hansda (Kaliganja), Baidyanath Murmu (Fuldanga), Ratan Murmu (Malda).


Das ist das erste Mal, dass 'Santal Utsav' in Bangladesh in solch großer Art und Weise gefeiert wurde, d.h. mit Tausenden von Leuten aus der Stammes-Gemeinschaft. Veranstalter des Programms waren die 'Adibasi Jatiyo Parishad' und 'Gram Bikash Kendra'. Einige Mitglieder dieser Organisationen haben sehr hilfreich bei Planung und Gestaltung des Programms mitgewirkt: Rabindranath Soren, Subhas Hembrom, Basanti Murmu, Romesh Hansda and Manik Soren.


This is the first time that in Bangladesh Santal Utsav has been celebrated in such a grand way with the participation of thousands of people from the community. The programme was organized by Adibasi Jatiyo Parishad and Gram Bikash Kendra. Some of the members of the organizations who were instrumental in organizing this programme were Rabindranath Soren, Subhas Hembrom, Basanti Murmu, Romesh Hansda and Manik Soren