News of AshadullapurGraminnSilpa&SasthaBidhanKendra (AGSSBK)

03.08.2020 News

Corona COVID 19 has had frightened all human beings, including our village people. Our simple daily life has been rudely interrupted. Now we must live on a day to day basis wondering what the next day will bring. The media like...[more]

Report for the month of June 2020

14.07.2020 News

Dear Marianne di and friends,I hope you are well. Though Gokul has given you some news about the recent activities of the organization, here I give you some new updates for June 2020. After the all employees meeting on 16th...[more]

Mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus

09.07.2020 News

Dear Friends, JOHAR! Hope you all are keeping well. Yesterday (28.06.2020) the 4th day that we are continuing our mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus.   The Finance committee called a meeting on...[more]

Song of Corona II and related news

25.05.2020 News

Dear friends, Here is the second and the last video song of Corona. This is also to let you know that besides making the video songs to ease the mental distress of the migrant adivasis, Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust...[more]

Situation report from the villages; Corona Video-Song

20.05.2020 News

In an email from May 6th, 2020 Boro Baski informed us about the current situation in the villages against the background of lockdown and corona crisis. The mail ends with a link to a "Corona video song" by Boro Baski....[more]

Situation report on the Corona crisis in the villages

15.04.2020 News

Dear Marianne di and friends. Wish you a Happy Easter. I hope you are all well in this time of anxiety that is going on around the world. The people of Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and neighboring villages of our area are not yet...[more]

Report on a seminar on the use of android mobile phones and about library management

10.11.2019 News

The uses and misuses of mobile phones Recently, the RSV Campus witnessed a two-day-seminar and -demonstration on the use and abuse of the android mobile phone for the young generation. In addition, the organizers spoke on how to...[more]

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