Rasi Natu - Second song of "Adivasi Nostalgia"

29.09.2020 News Here is a video with the second song of the "Adivasi Nostalgia" series along with...[more]


04.09.2020 News

1. Coaching Centres: The educational programmes in Ghosaldanga, Bishnubati and the evening coaching centres of Bandlodanga, Bautijol and Panchabanpur have resumed now. Some activities that took place last month are- In all the...[more]

Adivasi Nostalgia | A series of songs on Bygone Days

25.08.2020 News

In 2015 Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust had produced two Santali musical albums based on Santal village life with the financial support of Tribal cultural Heritage in India Foundation, Amsterdam. Since then we have sold and...[more]

Monthly report of the month of July, 2020

09.08.2020 News

Dear Marianne di, dear friends,I hope you are doing well. Here is the monthly report of the month of July, 2020. Education: In our staff meeting on 16th June, it was decided that all the centres will explore the...[more]

News of AshadullapurGraminnSilpa&SasthaBidhanKendra (AGSSBK)

03.08.2020 News

Corona COVID 19 has had frightened all human beings, including our village people. Our simple daily life has been rudely interrupted. Now we must live on a day to day basis wondering what the next day will bring. The media like...[more]

Report for the month of June 2020

14.07.2020 News

Dear Marianne di and friends,I hope you are well. Though Gokul has given you some news about the recent activities of the organization, here I give you some new updates for June 2020. After the all employees meeting on 16th...[more]

Mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus

09.07.2020 News

Dear Friends, JOHAR! Hope you all are keeping well. Yesterday (28.06.2020) the 4th day that we are continuing our mass cleaning works at RSV and Bio-orchard campus.   The Finance committee called a meeting on...[more]

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