Monthly Report of May 2021

11.06.2021 News

Due to Second wave of Corona pandemic the general lock down in the country had continued the whole of May. The respective state governments however have made some relaxation in certain important and emergency services. In...[more]

Monthly Report of April 2021

11.05.2021 News

The month of April 2021 will be remembered as the month of great tragedy in the Indian Corona pandemic. The second wave of Corona has taken away thousands of lives in cities, towns and villages. Our villages Ghosaldanga and...[more]

Monthly Report of March 2021

11.04.2021 News

Boro Baski has sent us a report for March 2021 about the situation and the ongoing activities in the villages. Here are the links to Boro's "Monthly Report March 2021" and to the report in German...[more]

Video-Song 'Gai Gupi Kada Gupi' (Herding Cows and Buffalos)

17.03.2021 News

Boro Baski has sent us another video song. It was already posted on YouTube a few years ago under the title 'Bagi kedalang Gai Gupi Kada Gupi' and received more than 1.5 million views. The positive response to this song inspired...[more]

Monthly Report of February 2021

11.03.2021 News

The month of February was of cultivating the summer rice crop called ‘Khora dhan’ by locals. Ever since this second phase of rice cultivation began in West Bengal about forty years ago, people of our area are cultivating less...[more]

New video song 'Nut ninda kadam kadam' (Dark Night)

15.02.2021 News

For the Santal festival Sohrae (for more details see  the Essay Sohrae Porob) Boro Baski and students from Bishnubati have released a new video song 'Nut ninda kadam kadam' (Dark Night). It is now the fifth video song in the...[more]

Monthly Report of January 2021

10.02.2021 News

Sorhae, the biggest festival of Santal was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm last month. This was the first big festival celebrated in the villages ever since the Corona pandemic started in the country last year. Read...[more]

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