Monthly Report July 2022

10.08.2022 News

At last the monsoon clouds arrived in our area in the last week of the month. But the rain was too less to begin the full-fledged cultivation of rice. Due to shortage of monsoon water, small scale farmers started buying...[more]

Monthly Report June 2022

12.07.2022 News

After the introduction of the paddy harvester machine 3-4 years ago in our area the daily laborers’ job has reduced. These harvesters are more economic and time saving than manual harvesting. With the use of machine and the...[more]

Monthly Report, May 2022

13.06.2022 News

Summer rice cultivated in this season has not been profitable for the farmers in our area. Besides irregular rainfall, stem borer insects have damaged the crop heavily despite using sufficient chemical fertilizer and...[more]

Monthly report, April 2022

11.05.2022 News

‘Climate change’ has never been a topic of discussion among our villagers even after experiencing the worst cyclone, flood or heat wave in their lifetime. The unprecedented heat that prevailed this month has naturally forced...[more]

Monthly Report, March 2022

13.04.2022 News

March is the month of transition of weather from pleasant spring to the hot summer. The most common trees like mango, peeple, mahua, sal, neem bear new leaves and fruits.  As the nature around us changes...[more]

Monthly Report, February 2022

15.03.2022 News

As per government’s order all schools and colleges of the state have re-opened after two years of closure due to Covid 19 pandemic.  Our RSV primary school and the hostel too have re-opened and resumed their classes and...[more]

Monthly report, January 2022

10.02.2022 News

The rice production in our area was very good in this season. Though there was abnormal rain for three to four days which caused excessive cold but that could not destroy the crops. Thus, the festivals that followed after rice...[more]

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