Monthly report, December 2021

13.01.2022 News

The month of December is the season of rice harvesting which is followed by a number of village festivals in the local areas. But due to the Covid-19, the festive mood is not much visible among the villagers that used to be. A...[more]

Monthly Report November 2021

10.12.2021 News

After nearly two years of closure because of Covid 19 pandemic the high schools in the state have reopened from 16th November. Presently only the students of class IX to XII are attending school and other classes will follow...[more]

Monthly Report of October 2021

19.11.2021 News

Dasae, one of the important festivals of Santals, is celebrated almost at the same time with the Durga puja, the biggest festival of the Hindus. Like every year this year too, the Dasae team of Bishnubati visited different...[more]

Monthly Report of September 2021

11.10.2021 News

The month of September is lean period for the villagers depended on agriculture. The fields are filled with paddy crop which still remain unripe, hence there is less work in the field. Men during this period leisurely spend their...[more]

Monthly Report of August 2021

15.09.2021 News

The people of our villages are carrying on their normal activities now, although the Covid restrictions in the state have not yet been fully lifted. The local markets and buses run normally. Educational institutions are...[more]

Monthly Report of July 2021

09.08.2021 News

Because of Covid pandemic the general lockdown had continued in the month of July. The infection rate seemed to have gone down in our area as no new cases are heard.  This is the monsoon season and all villagers were busy...[more]

Monthly Report of June 2021

14.07.2021 News

The general lockdown had continued the whole of June because of Covid pandemic. Therefore, except the agriculture and related farming activities such as duck rearing, fishery, vermicompost, bee keeping and vegetable...[more]

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