Monthly Report January 2024

16.02.2024 News

January is the month of festivals for Santals. The biggest festival of Santal 'Sorhai' falls in the second week of the month. Besides that, half a dozen local faires are also held within a radius of a few kilometers of our...[more]

Monthly Report December 2023

11.01.2024 News

In December, apart from the regular activities of the organization, two major programs were organized. (1) The annual celebration of the Museum Day program at Bishnubati on December 9 and (2) The visit of 45 Santal and Paharia...[more]

Monthly Report November 2023

17.12.2023 News

The regular programs of the organization, such as RSV school, education coaching centers at Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati, evening schools, health care, bio-farms, the Museum of Santal Culture, and Kick for Help, have regularly...[more]

Monthly Report, July 2023

11.08.2023 News

1.      RSV School: The educational programs at the RSV campus went well. On July 15, the students were shown the launching of the Chandrayan-3 moon mission on a laptop. A discussion was also held...[more]

Monthly Report June 2023

14.07.2023 News

Besides continuing regular programmes such as education, health care, and the museum, the following important events were organised this month: 1. Celebration of Santal Hul: Every year, Santals throughout the country remember...[more]

Monthly Report May 2023

20.06.2023 News

The summer heat wave began from the first week of May. All the schools and colleges were declared early summer vacation and after one month of vacation 15 more days were extended considering the continuous extreme heat. Since...[more]

Monthly Report April 2023

15.05.2023 News

Besides the continuation of regular activities such education, nutrition, health care, bio-farm, Museum of Santal culture, Vocational training programs and Kick for Help, two major programmes were held this month. They are  ...[more]

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