Welcome - or in Santali: Johar!

We are a circle of friends who support village development in Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati, two villages in West Bengal. The inhabitants of these two villages are indigenous people from the Santal tribe, one of the most populous indigenous tribes in India.

The work of development is organized and carried out by the villagers themselves. The most important task is education; further top priorities are medical /health care, ecological farming and the promotion of culture.

On-site work is inspired and accompanied by the German author Martin Kämpchen, who has been living in India for the past 40 years.


Monthly Report of October 2021

19.11.2021 News

Dasae, one of the important festivals of Santals, is celebrated almost at the same time with the Durga puja, the biggest festival of the Hindus. Like every year this year too, the Dasae team of Bishnubati visited different...[more]

Monthly Report of September 2021

11.10.2021 News

The month of September is lean period for the villagers depended on agriculture. The fields are filled with paddy crop which still remain unripe, hence there is less work in the field. Men during this period leisurely spend their...[more]

Monthly Report of August 2021

15.09.2021 News

The people of our villages are carrying on their normal activities now, although the Covid restrictions in the state have not yet been fully lifted. The local markets and buses run normally. Educational institutions are...[more]