Welcome - or in Santali: Johar!

We are a circle of friends who support village development in Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati, two villages in West Bengal. The inhabitants of these two villages are indigenous people from the Santal tribe, one of the most populous indigenous tribes in India.

The work of development is organized and carried out by the villagers themselves. The most important task is education; further top priorities are medical /health care, ecological farming and the promotion of culture.

On-site work is inspired and accompanied by the German author Martin Kämpchen, who has been living in India for the past 40 years.


Monthly Report of June 2021

14.07.2021 News

The general lockdown had continued the whole of June because of Covid pandemic. Therefore, except the agriculture and related farming activities such as duck rearing, fishery, vermicompost, bee keeping and vegetable...[more]

Monthly Report of May 2021

11.06.2021 News

Due to Second wave of Corona pandemic the general lock down in the country had continued the whole of May. The respective state governments however have made some relaxation in certain important and emergency services. In...[more]

Monthly Report of April 2021

11.05.2021 News

The month of April 2021 will be remembered as the month of great tragedy in the Indian Corona pandemic. The second wave of Corona has taken away thousands of lives in cities, towns and villages. Our villages Ghosaldanga and...[more]