The work of our association

Members, Donations
Our association has been in existence since 2007, but our voluntary work and contact with India began long before then.

At present (to date 1st June, 2012) we have 63 members; over and above this number about 50 persons are involved as passive members who donate on a regular basis.

Our work in Germany
We strive to ensure the maintenance and augmentation of donations and contributions for the benefit of the villagers in Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati. This means that we seek and keep contact with individuals, schools, church congregations and clubs.

Our members, donors and all those who are interested are informed regularly - for example in a newsletter - about the work of and the progress of projects carried out by our partners in India.

Once a year - usually in the month of June - our annual general meeting takes place. We combine this with seminars, lectures and discussions about the problems and the progress of projects in the village development programme, but also about India and issues of development policy in general.

Annual general meeting at Frankurt Nieder-Eschbach

Our work in India
All activities, programmes and projects are guaranteed thanks to the intensive backing of Martin Kämpchen, who lives in Santiniketan. Additionally, Marianne und Debu Pal Chowdhury, who spend two to three months each year in Kolkata (Calcutta), stay in close contact with associates in our partner organizations.

Some of us visit the villages more or less on an annual basis within the framework of project tours, and work or discuss pending problems and developments with the associates responsible, for example the state of the projects, plans for village development and the financial situation. In this context a meeting with the Board of Trustees of the Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adivasi Trust (GBAT) is always on the schedule.

Discussion with associates in our partner organizations

Cultural and informational interchange
Volunteers who are for example  interesting in working in the school for a few months and sharing the simple way of living of the villagers are supported by us.

Indian colleagues, who are invited and supported by our association, also visit Europe from time to time. In 1998, 1999, 2005 and 2008 groups from the villages travelled around Germany, Austria and England with the intention of depicting India and the life of the Santal people in song, dance and picture stories.

Group presenting Santal Culture, on a visit in 2015